The aluminum network for compressed air Prevost Piping System

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Available exclusively from Prevost. The PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM is the new compressed air network range, made entirely from aluminum.

The PPS offers the guarantee of a leak-free network that is easy to assemble, made up of compact, lightweight and impact-resistant aluminum pipes and couplings.

Our new 100% aluminum network range is designed and produced entirely in Europe.

The PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM ensure that your network is built to last and provides a top-quality supply to your workstations.

Presentation of the PPS range in video

100% aluminum network for compressed air

Compact and lightweight
The upgraded design of the new PPS1 aluminum fitting is more compact, lighter and more resistant.

Impact strength
Aluminum offers excellent mechanical resistance to pressure and to impacts.

Compatibility with compressor oils
Aluminum is compatible with compressor lubricants.

High tech, modern material
The aluminum alloy used, combined with epoxy paint on the outside and a treatment on the inside, protects the pipe against the risks of oxidation and corrosion.

Fully adaptable
The PPS1 fitting ensures that facilities are modular and scalable.

■ Quick and easy to assemble
Simply insert the pipe into the fitting and then tighten the PPS1 fitting.

Leaktight with very low pressure loss
The "PPS Grip Concept" ensures a flawless connection and zero leaks. Flow rates are optimized thanks to a perfectly smooth internal pipe surface, a low friction coefficient, and a large internal diameter.

Support and documents

You will find below all our documentation related to the PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM air network range.

 General documentation

 Assembly instructions

 Technical information


A closer look at the new PPS1 coupling

PPS Grip Concept

The PPS Grip Concept is based on a stainless steel ring with teeth that penetrate the aluminum pipe. The new contoured and lubricated seal ensures leaktightness even in the harshest conditions.

Recommended installation

How to attach your compressed air network ?

Video content is available to help you install your Prevost Piping System compressed air network.

How to mount fittings on pipes ?

How to install a tapping port flange ?

Technical characteristics and standards of the compressed air network

TÜV : certification of compliance with the Pressure Equipment Directive.PED 2014/68/EU

Qualicoat : Quality of pipe coating. Material: extruded aluminum alloy: EN AW 6060 T6 UNI-EN 573-3. Treatment: interior and exterior (compliant with RoHS standard)

REACH : Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and restriction of Chemical

Operating pressure of up to 232 psi and suitable for vacuum use (0.59 inHg)

■ Optimized to withstand temperatures from -4°F to 176°F

■ Nut and body compatible with standard single-tooth wrenches (special PPS wrenches available)

Date of manufacture indicated on the body for improved traceability and quality

■ Coupling diameter indicated in millimetres and inches

Compact PPS coupling design

Range extension: new Ø4" compressed air network

CC concept
Grip concept
■ Double lobe O-ring
■ Compact couplings delivered ready to assemble
■ Vacuum applications
■ CE marking
■ Removable and reusable
■ Great modularity
■ Modern and professional design

CC Concept : Compact Connector Concept
Compact solution for directly connecting two fittings, optimizing space and creating installations suitable for "compressor" rooms.

Materials lists and full quotations

Prevost's technical team creates custom network designs for your compressed air installation.

Preparation of diagrams and quotations on request according to your planned facility: general diagram, detailed drawing and a complete quote listing each item, the corresponding quantities, and the price of the proposed ringmain is provided for your consideration.