How to install your Prevost Piping System compressed air network ?

New video content is available to help you install your PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM compressed air network.

Three new videos are available to help you with installation.

How to attach your compressed air network ?

Focus on key steps for installing mounting clamps..

A two-minute guide to good practices for a sturdy, long-lasting and optimal PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM compressed air network.

How to mount fittings on pipes ?

This video focuses on mounting the coupling on the pipe, a crucial step in the installation of your compressed air network.

Benefit from the experience of our technicians and their advice on best practices when assembling PPS1 couplings on aluminium pipes.

We also point out mistakes not to make when installing compressed air networks.

How to install a tapping port flange ?

Learn about the nine-step assembly process.

Tapping port flanges are fitted to compressed air networks to enable downpipes to be installed for supply to workstations.

What is the easiest way to install them and benefit from the technological advantages offered by the PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM?

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