Prevost Piping System compressed air network 100% aluminum

The 100% aluminum concept

The PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM pipes and fittings are 100% aluminum, compact, lightweight and professional strength.

They can be installed easily and quickly for immediate pressurisation.

Prevost: An expertise recognized by ASME

As a manufacturer of pipe fittings and subassemblies for compressed air and pressurized fluids systems, Prevost obtained the ASME QPS (Quality Program for Suppliers) General Industry certification. Consequently, our PPS products are guaranteed 10 years.

The PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM range ensures:

  • clean, high quality air at all times
  • a sealed system
  • an optimized flow rate
  • an operating pressure range from -14.21 psi to + 232 psi
  • a temperature range from - 4°F to + 176°F

Workstations are well supplied, accessible and ergonomically designed. The facility is durable and can be easily upgraded.

Presentation of the PPS range in video


  • Compact and lightweight
    The 100% aluminum composition of the PPS range creates a system that is compact, lightweight and durable.
  • High tech, modern material
    Aluminum alloy, combined with external electrostatic paint and internal treatments all protect the pipe against the oxidation and corrosion.
  • 100% customizable
    The wide range of sizes and fittings allows the system for modular and scalable construction.
  • Easy and quick to assemble
    Simply insert the pipe into the PPS fitting then tighten the nut.
  • Leak free with minimal pressure loss
    The "PPS Grip Concept" creates a secure, leak free connection. The smooth internal surface generates a laminar flow, a low friction coefficient and a maximum flow diameter which are all factors to reduce pressure loss.
  • Compatible with compressor oils
    Aluminum and viton seals are compatible with compressor lubricants.
  • Tough material
    Aluminum guarantees long term performance: mechanical strength, pressure resistance and shocks absorbent


100% aluminum pipes

  • Anti-corrosive material
  • Minimal pressure loss
    laminar flow from smooth internal surface
  • UV and heat resistant
    low coefficient of expansion
  • ISO marking and colour
    all diameters are available for RAL 5012 (blue) and RAL 7001 (gray) pipes. 3/4”, 1” and 2” diameters are also available for RAL 6029 (green).
  • No fire hazard
    system does not require a fire permit
  • Simple tools
    easy to cut and chamfer for simplified installation and maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Cost-effective


Extruded aluminum.
Aluminum alloy EN AW 6060 T6 UNI-EN 573-3
Aluminum alloy EN AW-6063 T6

Internal/external treatment (RoHS compliant)

Electrostatic paint

Extrusion quality:
Calibrated without welding

Compatible fluids:
Compressed air, vacuum, neutral gases

Pipe lengths:
9.84’ or 18’

170 lb/ft3

Pipe outside diameter:
Ø 1/2, 3/4, 1, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, 2, 2 1/2, 3, 4, 6”

100% aluminum fittings


Body and nut:
100% aluminum EN AB 46100

PPS Grip Concept :
stainless ring

Tapping flange
to remove condensates

The PPS Grip Concept

The pipe is locked into the fitting with a stainless steel ring of teeth which penetrates the aluminum.

The double-lobed, lubricated seal guarantees a secure connection and provides optimum results even in the harshest working conditions.


Compact solution for directly connecting two fittings, optimizing space and creating installations suitable for "compressor" rooms.

  • Compact
    Save space in your installation by optizising space.
  • Quick
    The CC Concept allows two fittings to be connected directly.
  • Modular
    Create specific installations adapted to all "compressor rooms".

Optimize your workstation with the PPS SQ compressed air network

The PPS SQ line transforms individual workstations into an air source. Design ergonomic, compact and aesthetic assembly bench to increase efficiency and productivity.

The PPS SQ line integrates seamlessly into a new or existing Prevost Piping System network by connecting directly into drops at:

  • Automatic machine lines
  • Individual workstations/workbench
  • Pneumatic control cabinets
  • Factory assembly
  • Production lines
Nouveau diamètre 6

2024 range extension

The PPS range gets bigger!

Prevost has extended its range of compressed air pipework Prevost Piping System by adding 6" diameter to its size offering.

raccords PPS
diamètres PPS

The PPS range, manufactured in Europe, ooffers the guarantee of a leak-free network, that is relatively simple to assemble using lightweight, impact-resistant aluminum pipe and fittings. It is now available for even the largest installations!

The compressed air system in practice

How to install your Prevost Piping System compressed air network?

How to attach your compressed air network?

Video content is available to help you install your compressed air network PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM.

How to mount fittings on pipes?

How to install a tapping port flange?

Certifications by industry application

Industry standards


ISO 9001*

Prevost’s technology is recognized by the TÜV.

* Only valid for products manufactured in Italy



Supplier quality guarantee
Worldwide exclusivity.

Pressurized equipment



TÜV certifies Prevost products meet the requirements of the Pressure Equipment Directive PED 2014/68/EU.

asme b31.1

ASME B31.1

Prevost PPS products comply with ASME B31.1.

asme b31.3

ASME B31.3

Prevost PPS products comply with ASME B31.3.



Prevost PPS products meet Canadian pressure equipment requirements and are CRN certified.

Safety and protection

UL 723

UL 723 - ASTM E84

The PPS compressed air system line complies with American standard UL 723 & ASTM E84 for fire behavior.

en 13501-1

EN 13501-1

The PPS compressed air system line complies with European standard EN 13501-1 for fire behavior.



This European directive applies to all electrical and non-electrical equipment used in explosive, gaseous or dusty atmospheres.



The 100% aluminum PPS line has excellent ultra violet ray resistance.

Fluid quality

Oil free

Oil Free

Prevost products will not contaminate the conveyed fluid with grease or oil particles.

Silicon free

Silicon free

Prevost guarantees that no silicone-based agents have been used in the manufacturing of PPS products.



The Prevost PPS AL lubricant meets the requirements of the most stringent applications: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic...

ISO 8573-1 class 0.0.0

ISO 8573-1 cl. 0.0.0

The products in the PPS range ensures the fluid being transported is not contaminated by solid particles, water, moisture or oil.



The outer surface of PPS aluminum pipes complies with Qualicoat certification.




Prevost closely monitors the raw materials used to produce its line of PPS products.



Prevost closely monitors the raw materials used to produce its line of PPS products.



The PPS line (pipes and fittings) are 100% aluminum and recyclable.

Support and documents

You will find below all our documentation related to the PREVOST PIPING SYSTEM air network range.

 General documentation

 Assembly instructions

 Technical information


Materials lists and full quotations

Prevost's technical team creates custom network designs for your compressed air installation.

Preparation of diagrams and quotations on request according to your planned facility: general diagram, detailed drawing and a complete quote listing each item, the corresponding quantities, and the price of the proposed ringmain is provided for your consideration.