Increase your flow rate with the ½” body coupling

The new ½” high-flow prevoS1 safety quick coupling is now available!

With the largest passage in the prevoS1 range and a lightweight, composite body the new 11EB couplings are recommended for tools and equipment that require higher air flow rates in garages, workshops and industrial applications.

The new coupler is equipped with patented, one-push technology that eliminates any risk of hose whip.

11EB couplings: standards and profiles

The larger the pipe diameter, the higher the flow rate which can increase the chances of hose whip to occur.

To quickly and safely disconnect with one simple push of a button, use prevoS1 quick couplers.

The new 1/2" 11EB quick coupling is available in profiles 
■ I (Industrial/ISO 6150 B, blue)
■ U (Truflate/Automotive, red)
■ E (European/High Flow, green)

prevoS1 ½” coupling: composite or metal body

The prevoS1 ½” coupling is available in two different finishes.

Choose the one that best fits your needs

Composite safety quick coupling: ½” body

Body: Polyamide composite
Flow rate at 87 psi: 130cfm (P = 8.7 psi)
Weight : 6.25 oz.
Operating Pressure: 29 to 174 psi
Highlights: Anti-scratch | Lightweight | Anti-static | Silicone free
Application: Garage | Workshop | Industrial Manufacturing

Stainless steel safety quick coupling: ½” body

Body: Stainless steel
Flow rate at 87 psi: 130cfm (P = 8.7 psi)
Weight: 16 oz.
Operating Pressure: 29 to 174 psi
Highlights: Extremely durable | Anti-corrosive treatment | Anti-static
Application: Heavy Industry | Harsh applications

½” Flexible hoses and anti-scratch components

One exposed ear clamp on a hose can cause significant damage that will result in lost time and money.

Pair the new non-scratch ½” composite body coupling with a rubber clamp protector (ECP) to completely eliminate scratches.

We offer protectors (ECP) for hose diameters ranging in diameters from ½”, 5/8” and ¾”. Ear clamps can be ordered in individual sizes or in an assorted kit.

Not to neglect !

Compressed air connections

It is important to use high quality connectors which allows pneumatic tools to operate efficiently with an optimized flow rate and leak free performance.

The range of prevoS1 compressed air couplings

Patented and protected innovationprevoS1 safety quick couplers revolutionize the secure connection for compressed air.

prevoS1 couplings : new 2021 guide

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