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The use of the quick safety coupling prevoS1

The prevoS1 range of compressed air couplings facilitate the user’s day-to-day work.

These quick couplings can be connected and disconnected safely with a single press. Quick and easy tool changes optimise work and efficiency.

Major advantages

The prevoS1 range

prevoS1 quick connect safety couplings - technology at the heart of innovation

With patented world wide exclusivity, the prevoS1 series combines high tech performance and safety for a product that is cost effective and easy to use.

The prevoS1 promises cost savings and efficiency with a three year leak-free guarantee.

Product strong points

The prevoS1 coupling at a glance

High quality, lifetime, innovation, safety and maximum efficiency characterise the prevoS1 range.

The prevoS1 quick safety coupling is resistant to abrasion, vibration, corrosion, shocks and crushing.

When combined with a Prevost nozzle, the prevoS1 sealing mechanism eliminates any risk of leaks both in the coupled or decoupled position.

Push to connect effortlessly and disconnect in complete safety

With disconnection in a single push and a controlled release of air, users can quickly change out tools without the risk of hose whip that can cause injuries to the operator and damages to surrounding tools and products.

The prevoS1 coupling is ISO 4414 compliant.
■ Silicone-free manufacturing
■ Anti-static construction
■ ATEX 2 certification

The prevoS1 promises cost savings and efficiency with a three year leak-free guarantee.

When combined with a high quality Prevost plug, the locking mechanism eliminates any risk of leaks in the coupled and uncoupled positions.

Durable and tough enough for even the harshest environments.

The prevoS1 quick connect safety coupling’s non-scratch, composite body is resistant to abrasion, vibration, corrosion, shocks and crushing.

Internationally compatible

Compatibility and profiles

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