Quick couplings and adaptors for compressed air

Wide range of compressed air quick couplings:

Regular: rapid connection and disconnection
Safety: rapid decompression and disconnection without the risk of hose whip

As our flaghip product, the prevoS1 quick coupling, is a long term investment. It combines high-tech design and performance to stand up the most demanding jobs.

  • Complete control over decompression and disconnection in total safety: no risk of hose whip or accidental disconnection, eliminates risk to users and protects surrounding equipment and production pieces from damage. Complies with ISO 4414 standard.
  • Silicone-free manufacturing: reduces the risk of contaminates in the air line during paint or varnish applications.
  • Anti-static construction: external dust will not be attracted to painted or varnished surfaces or create static electricity.
  • ATEX Certification: confirms the safety of the prevoS1 coupling in potentially explosive enviornments (gaseous, paint booths, etc.). Equipment meets the requirments of zones classified 1 and 2 (gas) and 21 and 22 (dust).                                                

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Two-push button - PREVO S (20)
One-push button - PREVO S1 (94)


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