The prevoS1 blowguns for compressed air

Our promise

A Prevost concept: patented and protected worldwide exclusivity

The prevoS1 range stands for high quality, ease of use, safety, performance and durability.

Product features

> Low air consumption and embedded plug – eliminates all risk of leaks to increase energy savings!

> Easy to use – ergonomically designed by our in house R&D department for a perfect connection with the prevoS1 safety quick coupling.
         The coupling becomes the assembly’s handle.

> Body is hermetically sealed to protect internal mechanisms  from contamination and prolong the service life of the blowgun.

> Polyamide composite body: durable, light weight and insulated for comfort. Resistant to abrasion, impacts and chemical exposure.

ADVANTAGES: All materials used in the prevoS1 blowgun are compliant with the RoSH and REACH directives.

Maximum operating pressure : 174 psi
Recommended pressure : 87 psi
Operating temperature range : +5°F to 158°F

At a glance

The prevos1 blowgun

A comprehensive range

The prevoS1 blowgun is available in two different models

Standard model

Standard model available with 6 different nozzles choice for various blowing applications.

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Pocket model

 Pocket model: with an OSHA composite nozzle. Ultra compact, high flow rate and completely scratch resistant.

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The standard model has multiple options for safety, noise level, blowing power, high pressure and air consumption:

PrevoS1 blowguns are also available in a retail packaging option.

Le concept prevoS1

Le raccord prevoS1 combiné à la soufflette sont complémentaires et offre à l'utilisateur un réel confort d'utilisation.

En plus d'offrir une excellente prise en main, la combinaison soufflette/raccord élimine les risques de fuites entre le raccord et l'outil.


Keep your workstation organized with the BGFIX wall mountAllow easy blowgun access and detaches quickly in one motion.

The wall mount is available with two integrated magnets (BG FIXM) which allows it to be moved around the workstation for the users convenience.

BGFIX and BGFIXM are also compatible with the 27202 blowgun.

Have peace of mind knowing your tools will not scratch or damage costly production pieces during auto maintanence, bodywork, woodworking or other sensitive applications.

The ECP protector is a rubber sheath that slides between the coupling and hose to cover the clamp and is available in two sizes.

Compatibility and model

International compatibility: Available in different international profiles

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