FLEXAIR compressed air hose






The FLEXAIR is made from a hybrid polymer which combines the best properties of PVC and rubber.

  • Lengths available – 25’, 35’, 50’ & 100’

  • For non-lubricated air applications

  • 100% scratch free to protect production pieces

  • Easy to handle

  • Lays flat with no memory

  • Easy to coil

  • Hose material is resistant to dirt build up

  • Withstands damage from dragging across the ground

  • Bend restrictors prevent kinks which reduces air flow

  • Paired with a prevoS1 OSHA compliant safety quick coupling and corrosion resistant nitrided steel plug in your choice of profile


Select the size (ID) of your flexible hose kit

Hose diameters are available in  ¼”, 3/8” and ½” sizes.

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Retail packaging features

  • Arrives fully assembled and ready to use

  • Technical information printed directly on the package

  • Identify your product by the colored profile sticker or part number printed on the bottom of each box




International compatibility









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