Alaska adsorption dryers

Technical characteristics
  • Operating pressure :58 to 101 psi
  • Temperature :+41°F to +122°F
  • Applications :Laboratory, robotics, telecommunications, laser
  • Filtration :upline: 0.01 µm
    downline: 1 µm
  • Supply voltage :230 V - 50 HZ
  • Dewpoint :-40°F
  • Sound level :< 78 dB
Dew point under pressure : -40 °C
The air used by the column in the regeneration phase accounts for approx. 15 % of the flow rate entering the dryer.
This regeneration flow rate (Inlet flow rate - Outlet flow rate) must be taken into account when selecting which model of dryer to install.
All components except desiccant covered by a 1-year warranty
Flow rates expressed for an inlet pressure of 7 bar and an inlet temperature of 35 °C; Ambiant temperature : 25 °C in accordance with standard ISO 7183